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About USB Tokens :

USB Tokens are the one of the hardware tool that is used to store digital signature certificate generally in India. In India, DSC can be store in USB Tokens which are FIPS Certified. ePass Auto 2003, Proxkey USb Token, Trustkey are one of the most famous USB Tokens which are available.

Digital Signature Certificate provider / user in India must have FIPS Certified USB Token to store his Class 2. Class Digital Signature Certificate as per CCA Guidelines. USB Tokens are password protected so to use the digital signature stored in USB Token , password is required. Having a USB Token and Password makes it more secure to store any content in it.

ePass 2003 Auto is a famous brand by Feitians, a company based in China. Feitians manufacture other security devices also. ePass brand is owned by Feitians and they export the USB Token in India.

Proxkey USB Token is a another well known brand owned by WatchData in India. Proxkey USB Token comes into Level 3 FIPS with two different versions.

Safenet USB Token are the most old and strong usb token in India. Safenet is owned by Gemalto now and Safenet India imports it in India.

About Biometric Machines :

Biometric Machines comes many categories for various purposes like Digital Signature Issuance, eKYC , Aadhaar Updatation, Pension Payment, Attendance and many others. Biometric Machine fetch details from UIDAI in case of eKYC, Digital Signature Issuance if applicant provides his consent through fingerprint. We provide Mantra MFS 100, Morpho E2 / E3, Startek FM220U biometric machines at best prices.

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